Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Papa ku sayang....

Papa ku yang tersayang....my hero no 1....umur papa skrg 67 thn...tp papa still mantain ensem n sihat...Alhamdulillah....hes sporting father in da world...love him so much...

~My Papa~

My papa might not save lives like a doctor or a fire fighter but papa is still my hero.

Papa might not be the greatest dad in the world but he is in mine.
I love my papa very much not just because papa is my dad but because papa gave me my life.
And I know that papa would give his for mine any day.
We have a special relationship beyond father and daughter.
I know that papa might think that I don’t like him at some point or another.
But the truth is that I do and even though I don’t show it, I still do.I am my papa's little girl and will always be.
No matter what I say or do I would always want to be.
I know that the years are going by so fast and it’s hard for him to let me go.
But, papa you need to see that I am all grown up now.
It is time for me to face the world by myself, to fall on my knees and get back up.
It might be hard for you to see me cry but remember that I will be okay because you made me who I am.
You thought me to never give up, to fight for what I want, to stand up for what I believe and most important for me to be me.
So please papa don’t worry I will be fine.
I know that you are right by my side and that you will be there to catch my fall.
But, you need to let me fall, let me make my mistakes and learn from them.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t want you out of my life; I would never want that.
I love you papa and I am thankful to Allah that you are my PAPA.

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